What you should expect

The developments that are listed on this web site along will all the technical data is a hobby effort and is not a commercial project. You should not expect the service and performance that you would receive from a full time business. The efforts described on this site are the work of very few people donating there efforts over a period of almost 10 years. This information is shared and used by a small group of RC modelers who are also interested in building there own electronics.

You can expect my support in troubleshooting and debugging any problems you encounter when building and testing my systems. I do not charge labor, I only want to be reimburse for any parts I use and any shipping costs. My response time is highly variable due to the fact that I work full time and travel a fair amount.

I have a number of projects and most are in a constant state of development and enhancement. Please email me for the latest information, I do try to keep the web site up to date but this is a big effort.

I would appreceate your support in these projects. If you are a developer of any kind and would like to help, please contact me. We can use help in a number of areas.

Finally I expect users to contact me with problems you encounter. My systems are not perfect and you will likely find problems, when you do please contact me. I will fix the problems as fast as I can.