What is this all about?

GAA Custom Engineering, LLC  We develop electronic and control solutions aimed and toward the research community to aid in the development of unique instruments. Our focus is in the area of intelligent RF and DC power sources as well as the low level timing controls.

GAA Custom Engineering, LLC also develops electronics aimed at the model airplane / radio control community. We have a number of products directed at the electronics hobbyists who is interested in model aircraft. Our first development was the MicroStar 2000, a encoder and RF deck that allows you to build your own RC transmitter.

This web site allows you to view all of our projects and products we make available. You will find lots of technical details including design files and source code for many of our products.

Below is a brief description of each of our products:


The MicroStar 2000 is an Encoder and RF deck design that allows you to build your own RC transmitter or convert the electronics in an old transmitter to a model computer controlled system. These designs are aimed at the RC flier who is also a radio armature (HAM) because only HAMs can build RF transmitters due to FCC regulations.


The Model Aircraft Electrical System Test and Ring Out (MAESTRO) system's main goal is preflight battery testing. MAESTRO contains lots of additional features. This is the best battery testing system on the market today. MAESTRO is sold fully assembled and tested for $49.95.


Lugh is an electronic flight line assistant that combines many of the often-used accessories into one convenient solution. The Lugh is a small, lightweight, battery powered device with a very simple user interface designed to help maximize your flying enjoyment! The Lugh combines the following functions into one attractive solution:

  • Date and time clock, with alarm
  • Temperature monitor, with alarm
  • Flight timer, with alarm
  • Glow plug driver
  • Battery tester
  • Tachometer
  • Servo driver/cycler
  • Pulse width monitor
  • Anemometer (with optional sensor)


The PulseStar receiver is designed specially for the MicroStar 2000 transmitter. This receiver exploits the special features of the MicroStar, but will work with any PPM transmitter. The PulseStar uses state-of-the-art microcontroller technology to enable unique features never before offered in a PPM receiver.


The PositionStar is a digital servo controller that replaces your current servo electronics and offers very unique capabilities not found in any other servo. The Servo's can be connected to a PC application and programmed, enabling several very unique capabilities.


MagicBox is an accessory designed for the model airplane enthusiast. MagicBox connects between the aircraft receiver and the control servos. This device provides a number of functions that the pilot can select from a ten-position mode switch. Each function has adjustable parameters and options that are custom designed for the specific mode. The mode function allows the pilot to configure the MagicBox to his specific aircraft and needs. This device combines several functions into one package, you would need to buy 5 or 6 different modules to collect all of the functions available in the MagicBox.