Encoder rev 5.0 is here!

Jon Crick has updated the Encoder design and added USB support on board. The new Encoder is the same size and the connectors are in the same location as the rev 4.0 Encoder. Functionally the Encoder is the same and you have on board jumper options that allow you to select what mode of operation you would like to use.


You can build the Encoder without the USB support by selecting what components to install. Kees has kits available and Danny Miller has built a few of the new boards.




All of the firmware versions that have been designed for the rev 4.0 Encoder will work with rev 5.0. You will find an article discussing the USB interface than Jon Crick designed on the MicroStar 2000 page of this web site. This document defines what you need to do to used the USB interface with the PC application. The USB interface that Jon designed used the same components that are used on this rev 5.0 Encoder.